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eXp Realty

eXp Realty Explained 

I am sure at this point in 2022 you have at least heard of eXp Realty.  You may have heard something about revenue share, you may have heard about some agent in your market that moved over.  You may have even read some of the Inman articles about top producers like Jay Kinder, Michael Reese, Kyle Whissel, Curtis Johnson, and others moving their teams to eXp Realty.


But if you are reading this I am sure you haven’t really learned what the company has to offer.  Agents, teams, and brokerages across the country are switching to eXp Realty for many reasons so we want to explain some of those for you.

Learn What eXp Realty Has to Offer!

Click the Get Started Button to Watch Jay Kinder Explain eXp and Why it is Working for Thousands of Agents Across the Country.

Learn More About eXp Realty

What will you Learn in the Webinar?

  • Why Top Agents from Across the Country are Moving to eXp Realty
  • What the Company Offers for Technology
  • How eXp has Become the Fastest Growing Real Estate Company EVER
  • How You Can Build an Exit Strategy for Retirement
  • How You Become an Owner Through Stock Awards and Discount Opportunities
  • How You Can Create Revenue Share that Can Greatly Increase Your Income

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Why Did We Move to eXp Realty ?

As a team we spent about 27 years working for one of the highest performing RE/MAX offices in New Jersey building a business in and around Bergen County.  To be honest we thought we would stay with RE/MAX for the rest of our careers until we heard about eXp Realty.  There are many things to love about eXp about there were a few that topped the list for us.  

World Class Training

The first thing that impressed me with eXp Realty was the training.  Every company has training and most think that they are the best.  When I looked into eXp World and sat in on some classes (did you know you don’t have to join to check out eXp World?  Ask us how and we can get you set up) I realized that this was different.  This wasn’t canned videos on how to talk to your farm or sphere of influence.  This was real time, interactive training on topics that I could go out and use right away.  eXp World is literally a world built out with classrooms, auditoriums, and offices where you can interact, learn, share, and get the help you need.

Agent Ownership and Revenue Share

The second thing that really pushed us to join was the opportunity to create income outside of just sales commissions.  With every other brokerage we have worked for the income opportunity was simply selling houses.  With eXp Realty you have the opportunity to not only become an owner through stock awards but you can also create income through revenue share.  This was a game changer for us because this created an exit strategy when we wanted to retire and also offered incredible opportunity to create more income.