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Living in Paramus NJ

Living in Paramus NJ

Welcome to Paramus NJ

Welcome to the charming suburban town of Paramus NJ! Nestled in the heart of Bergen County, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city of New York, Paramus is the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city convenience. Whether you’re a young professional looking for a convenient commute, a family searching for excellent schools, or simply someone looking for a welcoming community, Paramus has something for everyone. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what it’s like to live in Paramus, from the local schools to the many shopping and dining options available. 

From exploring the nearby towns to the amenities and activities that the town has to offer, we’ll give you an in-depth look at what makes this town so special. Join us as we discover all that the town of Paramus has to offer!

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Homes for Sale in Paramus NJ

Paramus NJ is a suburban town located in Bergen County, New Jersey, just 12 miles northwest of Manhattan. It is situated in the heart of the New York metropolitan area and is bordered by the towns of Fair Lawn, Ridgewood, Waldwick, and Ho-Ho-Kus. The town is well connected to the surrounding area through major highways such as the Garden State Parkway, Route 17 and Route 4. 

This location makes it an ideal location for those who commute to New York City, as it is easily accessible by car or public transportation. The town of Paramus is also known for its excellent schools, convenient location, and abundance of amenities, making it a great place to call home for families and young professionals.

The Paramus NJ Public Schools are dedicated to providing a top-notch education that exceeds state standards in all subjects. From language arts and mathematics to science and social studies, the curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire students of all ages. In addition to the core subjects, the schools also offer instruction in art, music, and physical education, allowing students to explore their passions and develop well-rounded skills.

Paramus Public Schools serves students in kindergarten through twelfth grade across eight campuses, including five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The district is committed to providing a quality education in a positive, safe environment for all students.

The Paramus Public Schools website is a great resource for parents, students, and staff of the district. It provides information about the district’s schools, programs, events, and activities. The homepage features quick links to important topics such as school calendars, lunch menus, and transportation schedules. Parents can also find information about student registration and health services. The website also offers resources for teachers including lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and technology support.

The website also provides access to the Parent Portal which allows parents to view their child’s grades and attendance records as well as receive notifications about upcoming events or activities. Additionally, there are links to the district’s social media accounts where parents can stay up-to-date on news from the district. Finally, there is a link to the Board of Education page which includes meeting agendas and minutes as well as contact information for board members. With all these resources available at your fingertips, it’s easy to stay connected with what’s happening in Paramus Public Schools!

Elementary Schools

  • Memorial Elementary School: 203 E. Midland Avenue, Paramus NJ 07652
  • Midland Elementary School: 241 W. Midland Avenue, Paramus NJ 07652
  • Parkway Elementary School: 145 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus NJ 07652
  • Ridge Ranch Elementary School:345 Lockwood Drive, Paramus NJ 07652
  • Stony Lane Elementary School: 110 W. Ridgewood, Paramus NJ 07652

Middle Schools

  • East Brook Middle School: 190 Spring Valley Road, Paramus NJ 07652
  • West Brook Middle School: 560 Roosevelt Boulevard, Paramus NJ 07652

High School

  • Paramus High School: 99 E. Century Road, Paramus NJ 07652

Paramus NJ is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey that is home to two county parks. Van Saun County Park is located on the eastern side of the borough and covers 146 acres. It features Bergen County’s only zoo, with a variety of wild and domestic animals living in recreated habitats natural to each species. Other attractions at Van Saun Park include a playground, train ride, carousel, athletic fields, and pony rides. The Washington Spring site in the park takes its name from reports that General Washington drank water from the spring here while his troops were encamped nearby.

On the western side of Paramus lies Saddle River County Park which offers a 6-mile bike path reaching from Ridgewood to Rochelle Park. This park also has plenty of recreational activities such as fishing, hiking trails, picnic areas and more. Additionally, there are four golf courses located within the borough for those looking for an afternoon on the green. With all these options available to residents and visitors alike, Paramus is sure to have something for everyone when it comes to outdoor recreation!

Paramus also has an outdoor municipal swimming pool complex and was formerly home to Arcola Park, an outdoor amusement park.

Easton Tower is a historic site located at the intersection of Red Mill Road and Paramus Road. Built in 1899, it was originally used as a water pump station alongside the Saddle River. The tower was named after businessman Edward D. Easton and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. It stands as a reminder of Paramus’ rich history and serves as an important landmark in the borough.

Midland School located at 239 W. Midland Avenue was originally built  in 1876  but was later converted to a branch of the Paramus Public Library after the school moved to a new location.  It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. 

Terhune House located at  470 Paramus Road was added top the National register in 1996.  It is a Dutch Colonial home built in the 1700s and has been modified with Victorian features.

Terhune-Gardner-Lindenmeyr House locate at 218 Paramus Road is part of what was once the Terhune Farm which took up a large portion of what is now Paramus.  The home dates back to around 1807 and is part of the Zabriskie patent.  there is even a section of the home that dates back to as early as 1707 making it a glimpse into what Bergen County once looked like.  It was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1972.

Commuting to New York City from Paramus NJ is a breeze. Whether you prefer to take public transportation or drive, there are plenty of options to choose from.

For those who prefer to take public transportation, NJ Transit provides frequent bus and train service to and from Manhattan. The NJ Transit bus route 165 runs from Paramus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, with multiple buses running throughout the day. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic. 

Additionally, the Radburn train station in Fair Lawn is located just a short distance from Paramus, and provides service to Penn Station in Manhattan. The train ride takes approximately 30 minutes, making it a convenient option for those who need to be in the city for work or other appointments.

For those who prefer to drive, Paramus is located just 12 miles northwest of Manhattan, making it an easy commute by car. The town is situated near major highways such as the Garden State Parkway, Route 17, and Route 4, making it easy to get to and from the city. Commuters can also take advantage of the Lincoln Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge to get into the city.

Overall, the convenient location and easy access to public transportation and major highways make commuting to New York City from Paramus a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re a young professional or a family, you’ll appreciate the convenience and flexibility that comes with living in Paramus.

Amazon Fresh Paramus NJ

Paramus NJ is a shopping mecca for residents of Bergen County, Passaic County and Rockland County in New York. With five major indoor shopping centers and no sales tax on clothing and shoes, it is an attractive destination for shoppers from all over the region. Paramus generates over $6 billion in annual retail sales, making it one of the largest shopping destinations in the country.

The town is home to an incredible variety of shopping options, from large malls and department stores to small boutiques and specialty shops.

The Westfield Garden State Plaza, located in Paramus, is one of the largest malls in the state and offers a diverse range of stores and restaurants. With over 200 stores, it is a shopper’s paradise, featuring popular brands like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s, as well as high-end retailers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The mall also features a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants.

In addition to the Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus also boasts several other large shopping centers, including the Paramus Park Mall and the Bergen Town Center. These malls offer a wide variety of shops and department stores, including anchor stores like Target and Kohls and Macy’s.

For those looking for more specialized shopping options, Paramus is home to several boutique stores and specialty shops. The town offers a diverse selection of clothing and accessory stores, home goods stores, and more. There are also several antique and vintage shops in the area, as well as art galleries, bookstores, and more.

Overall, shopping in Paramus is a truly unique and exciting experience. With so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, unique one-of-a-kind gifts, or just a fun day out, Paramus is the place to be.

Blue laws are a set of regulations that restrict certain activities on Sundays, such as shopping or working. In Bergen County, New Jersey, the state blue laws apply to all areas, but Paramus has even stricter restrictions. These local blue laws were proposed in 1957 when the Bergen Mall and Garden State Plaza were under construction. The legislation was motivated by fears that the two new malls would worsen highway congestion caused by retail businesses along the borough’s highways.

The Paramus Borough Code forbids any “worldly employment” on Sunday, with exceptions for charity work and the sale of certain items like newspapers, medicinal drugs, meals, prepared food and cigarettes. Even work performed inside one’s own home is prohibited on Sunday. Despite this six-day shopping week restriction, Paramus still has the highest retail sales of any ZIP Code in the United States. This shows that despite its strict regulations on Sunday activities, Paramus is still a popular destination for shoppers looking for quality products and services.

Biagios Paramus NJ
Paramus offers a diverse and exciting dining and nightlife scene, with something to suit every taste and budget. The town is home to a variety of restaurants and bars, each with its own unique atmosphere and offerings.

If you’re in the mood for a fun night out with live music, check out The Orange Lantern. This popular bar and grill features live music weekly and a wide selection of beers and cocktails. It’s a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy some tunes with friends.

For a more upscale dining experience, head over to Biagios. This Italian restaurant serves up delicious, authentic dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in a stylish and elegant setting. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. For a casual and family-friendly option, Miller’s Ale House is a great choice. This popular sports bar features a wide selection of beers and pub fare, as well as a lively atmosphere. It’s a great spot to catch a game or enjoy a meal with the family.

Overall, Paramus offers a vibrant and exciting dining and nightlife scene, with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two, a fun night out with friends, or a casual meal with the family, you’ll find it all in Paramus.

The Orange Lantern, Biagios and Miller’s Ale House are just a few of the many options available in the town.

When it comes to housing options, Paramus offers a wide variety of choices for buyers looking to move to the area. From elegant new construction estates to modest ranch homes, there’s something for every taste and budget.

One popular option for buyers is the new construction homes in town. These homes offer the latest in modern design and amenities, and often feature large floorplans and high-end finishes.

If you are looking for upscale living without the maintenance look no further than the gated community of Sipporta Village.  Sipporta Village offers townhomes with luxury finishes, private garages and community amenities like swimming pool and fitness center.

For those looking for more affordable options, there are also a number of older homes available in Paramus. These homes are often well-maintained and offer a lot of character, and can be found in neighborhoods like the Paramus Park area, which has a mix of ranch style homes and split-level homes.

In 2022, the average sales price in Paramus was around $984,000, with a total of 234 homes sold in an average of 36 days on market. In comparison, in Bergen County the average sales price was $836,000 with an average days on market of 39 days. Though the average sales price in Paramus is above the county average, buyers can still find a wide variety of options to fit their budget and needs.

Overall, Paramus offers a wide variety of housing options for buyers looking to move to the area. From elegant new construction homes to modest older homes, there’s something for everyone. With a thriving real estate market and a wide range of options to choose from, buyers are sure to find the perfect home in Paramus.

Paramus, NJ is an ideal place to call home, with a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs of all its residents. The town offers excellent schools that provide a well-rounded education to students of all ages, and a strong focus on academics and extracurricular activities. The town also boasts of a thriving job market with major employers such as Lord & Taylor and Westfield Garden State Plaza, as well as easy access to job opportunities in New York City.

Residents of Paramus also enjoy a close proximity to many area attractions and the cultural and entertainment options of New York City. The town is also known for its shopping options, from large malls and department stores to small boutiques and specialty shops, and the diverse dining scene that the town offers. The nightlife scene in the town is also lively and vibrant, with a wide variety of bars and restaurants to choose from.

In summary, Paramus is a great place to live, offering a safe and welcoming community, excellent schools, job opportunities, proximity to area attractions and New York City, and a wide range of amenities. It is an ideal place for young professionals, families and anyone looking for a good place to live.

Paramus Fire Department is a volunteer-run organization consisting of approximately 130 members who are available 24/7 all year round. In recent years, the fire department has seen an annual average of 1,300 calls for service. The Paramus Fire Department is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of its community members. The fire department comprises four fire companies: Company 1 on east Firehouse Lane, Company 2 on Spring Valley Road, Company 3 on West Midland Ave and Company 4 on Farview Avenue.

Paramus also has two volunteer rescue squads, Rescue 7 and Rescue 9, which can be found at West Jockish Square. These units specialize in motor vehicle extrication, accompanied by a marine unit for water rescues.

The Paramus NJ Police Department is one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the state of New Jersey. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of public safety and service to the residents of Paramus and the surrounding area. The Paramus PD is a professional, well-trained, and highly respected police department.

They work to build relationships with businesses, schools, and citizens in order to create a safe and secure environment for all. The officers of the department are actively involved in community activities, such as neighborhood watch programs and events. The officers also work in partnership with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that all citizens in the area are safe and secure.

The Paramus PD is also committed to providing the best possible services to its citizens. The department has a wide range of services that are designed to meet the needs of the citizens of Paramus. They offer a variety of crime prevention and response services, as well as support services such as victim assistance and community outreach. The Paramus PD also provides a variety of educational programs to help citizens stay informed and safe.

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center (BNBMC) is a 1,070-bed hospital located in Paramus, NJ. It is the largest hospital and licensed nursing home in NJ and the fourth largest, publicly owned hospital in the nation. BNBMC provides comprehensive services including acute and ambulatory care, mental health and substance use disorder treatment, long-term care, 24/7 emergency department, surgical suites, physical rehabilitation, pharmacy, laboratory, radiologic services (including digital mammography). The Medical Center also has satellite offices in Bergenfield, Englewood and Paterson.

As a not-for-profit safety net facility, Bergen New Bridge is committed to providing high quality healthcare to its patients. In addition to its core services it is also a leading provider of COVID 19 testing, vaccinations and therapeutics. To make healthcare more accessible for its community members BNBMC has established CareRite Now centers located in select Inserra Supermarkets throughout Bergen County that provide primary care and other health and wellness services. With its commitment to providing quality healthcare to all of its patients Bergen New Bridge Medical Center continues to be an important resource for the people of Bergen County.

The week of the 4th of July is a special time in Paramus, New Jersey. Every year, the town celebrates Independence Day with a variety of events. On July 2nd, the Paramus Community Orchestra performs at the Paramus Bandshell. This event has been held annually since 2011 and is always well-attended. The following day, there is a softball game between the Paramus Fire Department and the Paramus Police Department.

On the 4th of July itself, there is a parade that starts at Century Road and Farview Avenue and ends at Memorial Elementary School. This parade features floats, marching bands, and other entertainment for all ages to enjoy. Finally, on the 5th of July, there is a fireworks display at the Cliff Gennarelli Paramus Sportsplex to cap off this week-long celebration of America’s independence.

Every year, Paramus celebrates National Night Out with a variety of activities and entertainment. Games, concerts, and displays of the borough’s fire, rescue, police, and ambulance vehicles are all part of the festivities. This event is a great way for residents to come together and enjoy an evening of fun while also learning more about their local emergency services.

Every December, the Paramus Fire Department holds its annual “Santa Detail”. On the Sunday before Christmas, Santa rides atop a fire trucks as it drives through the borough. Accompanying Santa are members of the volunteer fire department who hand out lollipops to residents who come outside to greet them. This event is a great way for families to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy some festive fun.

Some of the hotels located in Paramus NJ include the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Paramus, The Hilton Garden Inn Paramus, Courtyard Paramus, Hyatt Place Paramus, Embassy Suites by Hilton Paramus, Hampton Inn & Suites Paramus, Comfort Inn Paramus, Red Roof Inn Paramus, and La Quinta Inn & Suites Paramus.

Q. Is Paramus NJ a good area?

A. Yes, Paramus NJ is a good area to live in. It has a rich history, a strong sense of community, and plenty of amenities and attractions. The police department is dedicated to providing the highest level of public safety and service to its residents, while the volunteer fire department is available 24/7 all year round. There are also plenty of educational programs and activities for people of all ages.

The community in Paramus is strong and vibrant. There are plenty of events throughout the year for residents to enjoy, such as the 4th of July Parade and National Night Out. The town also has a variety of restaurants, shops, and parks for people to explore.

Q. What is Paramus famous for?

Paramus is most famous for its shopping. The town is home to several large malls, including the Garden State Plaza and Bergen Town Center. It also has a variety of smaller shops and boutiques that offer unique items. Paramus is also known for its parks and recreational areas, such as Van Saun County Park and the Bergen County Zoo. Additionally, it is home to several golf courses and other attractions.

Q. Does Paramus Still Have Blue Laws?

Yes, Paramus still has blue laws in place. These laws restrict certain activities on Sundays, such as shopping on retail items like clothing, lumber and cars. The restrictions are in place to alleviate traffic congestion and give retail workers a day off.  They have been a part of Bergen County and Paramus since the 1950s when the first malls were built.

Paramus NJ is a fantastic place to call home. With excellent schools, plenty of employment opportunities, proximity to New York City and many area attractions, a wide range of amenities, and a safe and welcoming community, it offers something for everyone. From elegant new construction homes to more affordable older homes, there is a wide variety of housing options available to suit any budget.

If you’re considering a move to Paramus or the surrounding area, we invite you to contact us at 201-685-4788. Our team of experts would be more than happy to provide you with more information about the area and help you find the perfect home for you and your family. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live in one of the most sought-after towns in the state. Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of living in Paramus.