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What's Your Home Worth?

Knowing your home’s value is not all about selling.  You may want you home value because you want to refinance or get a home equity line of credit.  As a homeowner it is important to keep up with the market and understand your home’s real value.

We want to provide not only an instant home value but a monthly update on where yo are.  you will get market stats, status of the equity you have accrued, options if you were to refinance and much more.  We will send you an updated report every month in an informative email.  

Use the form below to get started and be an educated home owner!


Understanding the value of your home is not just a point of curiosity; it’s a critical piece of information that can guide major life decisions and financial planning. Whether you’re staying abreast of the local market, considering a refinance, planning to sell, or simply inquisitive about your home’s current worth, finding your home value can offer substantial benefits.

When you find your home value, you’re essentially tapping into the pulse of your local real estate market. It’s no secret that property values can fluctuate, impacted by various factors such as economic conditions, neighborhood development, or even the condition of nearby properties. As a homeowner, you have a significant investment in your local market. Staying informed about your home’s current value allows you to monitor this investment, much like tracking the performance of stocks or retirement accounts.

Understanding the value of your home also provides a solid foundation for financial planning. For example, if you’re contemplating a major renovation, knowing your home’s value can help you weigh the potential return on investment. Or, if you’re considering a significant life event such as retirement, knowing your home’s worth can give you a clearer picture of your overall financial health.

Now, let’s talk about refinancing. One of the main reasons homeowners choose to refinance is to lower their interest rate and save money over the life of the loan. But did you know that your home’s current value plays a crucial role in this process? The more your home is worth, the more equity you have. This equity can impact your ability to refinance, potentially allowing you to secure a lower interest rate or eliminate private mortgage insurance. So, before you start the refinancing process, find your home value to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your financial position.

If you’re considering selling your home, knowing its value is absolutely essential. Selling a home is a significant financial transaction, and the price you set can be the deciding factor between a quick sale and a prolonged, frustrating experience. When you find your home value, you gain a realistic expectation of what your home could potentially sell for in the current market. This information can help you set a competitive asking price, negotiate effectively with potential buyers, and ultimately, maximize your profit.

But, what if you’re not planning any major changes? Even if you’re simply curious, finding your home value can be beneficial. It can provide a sense of financial stability and pride of ownership. Plus, who doesn’t like to know that their investment is growing and that their hard work in maintaining their property is paying off?

Our instant home value tool makes it easy to stay informed. Just a few clicks, and you’ll have a comprehensive, up-to-date estimate of your home’s value.

In conclusion, regardless of your reasons – keeping up with the local market, exploring refinancing options, preparing to sell, or just satisfying your curiosity – take a moment to find your home value. It’s not just a number; it’s a tool that can inform decisions, guide financial planning, and empower you as a homeowner. So, why wait? Find your home value today, and start reaping the benefits of being an informed homeowner.