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Living in Hillsdale NJ

Living in Hillsdale NJ

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Welcome to Hillsdale NJ

Hillsdale, NJ is a borough nestled in the northern region of New Jersey, characterized by its vibrant community and rich historical background. The development of this area commenced in the mid-to-late 19th century, leading to its official incorporation as a borough in 1923. Hillsdale is home to several attractions and amenities that contribute to the quality of life of its residents. Renowned schools such as Pascack Valley High School and George G. White Middle School form part of its excellent educational infrastructure. The Hillsdale Public Library is a significant asset, offering a wide array of resources for both learning and recreational purposes. For outdoor enthusiasts, the borough features numerous recreational opportunities, including the Stonybrook Swim Club and the picturesque Beechwood Park. Ensuring the community's safety, Hillsdale Police Department and Hillsdale Fire Department work diligently to protect the borough's residents. The culinary scene in Hillsdale is also noteworthy, with places like The Cornerstone Restaurant & Cafe providing delightful dining experiences. The Hillsdale Farmers Market stands as a testament to the borough's support for local agriculture. All these elements, combined with its diverse attractions and rich historical roots, make Hillsdale an engaging and enjoyable place to live.

Top Reasons to Live in Hillsdale , NJ

  • Quality of Homes: Hillsdale boasts a mix of historic homes and modern residences, catering to various tastes and budgets.
  • Job Opportunities: The regional job market is robust, with numerous opportunities in sectors like healthcare, education, and retail.
  • Proximity to Major Cities: Located close to major cities like New York, Hillsdale offers the perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience.
  • Quality of Local Schools: Institutions like Pascack Valley High School and George G. White Middle School are known for their academic excellence.
  • Recreational Areas: Beechwood Park and other community parks offer residents spaces for relaxation and recreation.
  • Public Transit: The Hillsdale Train Station provides easy access to neighboring towns and cities.
  • Connectivity: Major highways enhance Hillsdale’s connectivity to other parts of New Jersey and beyond.
  • Cultural Destinations: The town hosts various events year-round, celebrating its rich culture and heritage.
  • Dining Scene: From The Cornerstone Restaurant & Cafe to other local eateries, Hillsdale offers a diverse culinary scene.
  • Healthcare: The town is equipped with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, ensuring residents’ well-being.
  • Cost of Living in Hillsdale While Hillsdale’s cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, it’s comparable to many Bergen County towns. Housing remains the most significant expense, followed by utilities, groceries, healthcare, and transportation.
  • Hillsdale Job Market The broader region around Hillsdale offers a diverse job market. Major employers include healthcare institutions, educational facilities, and retail establishments. The town’s proximity to New York City also provides residents with ample employment opportunities in various sectors.

Homes for Sale in Hillsdale NJ

Living in HIllsdale NJ

Cost of Living in Hillsdale

Living in Hillsdale, New Jersey, demands a higher budget than many other places in the United States due to its higher cost of living. The substantial cost of housing is a significant factor, surpassing the national average by 153%, which poses a considerable challenge for those seeking affordable homes. The expense of transportation, which includes elements like bus fares and fuel costs, exceeds the national average by 10%.

The price of groceries is not spared from this trend, with a 4% higher mark-up compared to the nation's average. For instance, a loaf of bread costs $4.04, and a bunch of bananas is priced at $3.50. However, Hillsdale offers a slight reprieve in healthcare costs, which are 2% below the national average. Here, a doctor's visit comes with a price tag of $122.41, and a trip to the dentist costs $105.61.

These aspects contribute to Hillsdale's overall higher cost of living and underscore the necessity for residents to plan their finances meticulously.

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Hillsdale Job Market

Hillsdale, NJ, offers a host of opportunities for job seekers. Its local economy is characterized by a rich spectrum of businesses, from quaint small-scale shops to large corporations. This business diversity gives rise to a broad selection of job options spanning multiple industries.

The employment rate in Hillsdale is commendable, maintaining a level that is lower than the national average unemployment rate. This suggests a robust job market where professionals stand a better chance of securing employment.

Hillsdale's thriving economy presents a promising landscape for career progression. Many local businesses emphasize professional growth, fostering an environment conducive to advancement within their organizations.

Job seekers can employ a range of strategies to tap into Hillsdale's job market. These can include building professional connections, attending job fairs, browsing online job platforms, and collaborating with local recruitment agencies.

In essence, Hillsdale, NJ, provides a conducive environment for professionals seeking employment. The job market presents not just opportunities, but also the potential for substantial career growth.

Living in Hillsdale NJ

Things to Do in Hillsdale , NJ

Hillsdale, NJ is a dynamic town filled with a variety of activities and attractions that cater to both residents and visitors. The town's blend of outdoor adventures, community gatherings, and a lively nightlife ensures there's never a dull moment.

Outdoor enthusiasts can spend a peaceful day at Beechwood Park, engaging in strolls or picnics with loved ones. For shopping enthusiasts, downtown Hillsdale's shops and boutiques offer a selection of unique finds.

Stonybrook Swim Club is the go-to destination for swimming and relaxation during the summer. Hillsdale also organizes community events, such as the Hillsdale Farmers Market, a hub for fresh produce and artisanal goods.

As night falls, the town's nightlife offers a variety of dining options, most notably the Cornerstone Restaurant & Cafe.

With its multifaceted attractions and activities, Hillsdale, NJ promises an engaging and entertaining experience.

Climate in Hillsdale , NJ

The climate in Hillsdale, NJ significantly shapes the town's outdoor activities and community events. The town's weather patterns notably influence four main areas of community life.

Outdoor activities are shaped by the town's hot season that extends from May to September. This warm period allows residents and tourists to indulge in activities such as swimming at Stonybrook Swim Club or enjoying the beauty of Beechwood Park. The winters, known for their mildness, also serve as an inviting backdrop for winter sports, including sledding and ice skating.

The climate also bolsters the appeal of local attractions. The consistent weather supports the operations of the Hillsdale Farmers Market, a place where visitors can purchase fresh produce and local goods during the growing season. Additionally, it creates a welcoming environment for people visiting the Hillsdale Public Library or those who wish to dine at The Cornerstone Restaurant & Cafe.

Seasonal events in the town are also a result of its climate. The town organizes concerts in the park during summer and holiday festivals throughout the year, allowing residents to engage in community activities and enjoy outdoor festivities.

Lastly, gardening is a popular hobby in Hillsdale, and the local climate plays a critical role in this. Temperature and rainfall patterns are crucial for gardeners to understand the growing season and rainfall variations, enabling them to plan and maintain their gardens effectively.

Hence, the climate in Hillsdale, NJ, plays a crucial role in enriching the town's community life by offering a range of outdoor activities, supporting local attractions, facilitating seasonal events, and aiding gardening efforts.

Education in Hillsdale , NJ

Education is a critical component of the Hillsdale, NJ community. The district is dedicated to delivering education of high quality to its students. Hillsdale schools have an array of academic programs designed to meet the diverse requirements and interests of students.

Schools in the area, such as Ann Blanche Smith School and George G. White Middle School, offer a thorough curriculum equipping students for future triumphs. The district promotes the involvement of parents via different initiatives and programs to strengthen the bond between school and home.

The schools in Hillsdale also put significant emphasis on extracurricular activities. This approach allows students to investigate their interests and abilities outside the academic environment. Consequently, students have recorded impressive achievements both in academics and extracurricular activities.

Living In Hillsdale Nj

Real Estate in Hillsdale , NJ

In 2022, Hillsdale witnessed the sale of 108 homes with an average sold price of $674,147, slightly surpassing its average listing price of $654,422. This indicates a robust demand in Hillsdale, with homes often fetching more than their asking price. The median sold price in Hillsdale was consistent at $650,000, and properties spent an average of just 26 days on the market, highlighting the brisk pace of transactions in the town.

In contrast, Bergen County as a whole saw the sale of 6,772 homes in the same period. The average sold price for the county was $835,776, with homes listed at an average of $841,354. While the broader county also experienced homes selling close to their listing prices, the average days on market was slightly higher at 39 days.

What does this mean for potential buyers and sellers? Hillsdale's market is dynamic and competitive, with homes selling relatively quickly and often at or above their listing prices. This suggests that sellers in Hillsdale might anticipate strong interest in their properties, while buyers should be prepared for a competitive market environment. On the other hand, while Bergen County's broader market also remains strong, properties take a bit longer to sell, offering a slightly different dynamic.

In essence, while Bergen County's real estate market is undoubtedly robust, towns like Hillsdale stand out with their unique market characteristics. Whether you're eyeing a property in the heart of Hillsdale or exploring options elsewhere in Bergen County, being aware of these nuances can guide your decision-making in this vibrant real estate landscape.

Commuting from Hillsdale to Manhattan

Traveling from Hillsdale NJ to Manhattan presents several efficient ways for residents to reach the city.

One commonly recommended method is the train, which averages around an hour of travel time.  NJ Transit has a stop at Hillsdale Station that uses the Pascack Valley Line to connect to either Secaucus or Hoboken.  From there you can take a connection to different parts of Manhattan and beyond.

Alternatively, you have the NJ Transit 165 bus is a budget-friendly choice with fares ranging from $2-$7 and an average journey duration of 1 hour and 37 minutes.  That bus will take you to Port Authority in Manhattan.

For individuals who favor the flexibility of personal vehicles, driving is another option. Hillsdale is approximately 20.5 miles from Manhattan, and the journey can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

It's essential for commuters to evaluate both travel time to your final destination and transportation costs to find the option that best suits their commuting requirements.

Regardless of the chosen method - train, bus, or car, Hillsdale residents can benefit from a variety of commuting choices to match their individual preferences and needs.

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