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5 Ways HGTV is Lying to You |

Bergen County Real Estate Show #2

Staging Items are not Included

The number one way that HGTV is lying to you is all the staged items that you’re going to see in the home, all of the couches, all of the window treatments, all of those things are actually rented and they’re not actually a part of the renovation budget that they discuss. So you’re not going to get all of those things you’re going to get some of the renovation that they talk about but you’re not getting everything else and that could cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase. All of that beautiful furniture that they put into the home.

Nobody only Looks at 3 Houses

80% of Renters Believe Homeownership is a Part of Their American Dream | Bergen County Real Estate | Gibbons Team Real Estate www.gibbonsteam.netThe second way that HGTV is lying to you is that nobody goes out sees three houses and all of a sudden has to pick one of them. Now I will admit there are some people they go out and look at a few amount of homes find one and purchase it. But the reality is that a lot of people have to spend a long time researching online, getting out and seeing houses to understand what they’re looking for before they purchased a home.

Buying Process is Longer than it Looks

The number three way that HGTV is lying to you is they are skipping a lot of the buying process. As we mentioned you have a lot of time to find that right home, research, find the right neighborhood but the other thing that it skips is all the negotiation, all the time that you’re going to spend getting through the process. Working on your mortgage, working on inspection, and inspection issues. They ignore all of that. All it looks like is you find a home, you put an offer in, its accepted, and three weeks later you’re moving in to a beautiful home. It just doesn’t work that way.

Typically the home process from accepted offer to closing is anywhere between 30 and 60 days and in the Bergen County market it’s more like 60 days. So don’t think that your dream home is going to come out of the blue you’re gonna find it move into it and have no issues. There are things that come in up in a real estate transaction that you should be aware of before you buy a home.

They Already Found Their Home

The number four reason that HGTV is lying to you is they already picked the house. Before they got onto the show they have to have had the house that they want to buy under contract and ready to go. The shows won’t even talk to them until they have that home then they’ll go out and they’ll find two or three other homes that they can look at to see if they like them. And ultimately they’re gonna pick the house that they already have under contract and ready to go.

Renovation Costs are Inaccurate

The fifth way that HGTV is lying to you about is the renovation costs. They’ll come in and if you watch these shows they’ll say that’s going to cost $150,000 to come in and put a new kitchen new baths all of this new furniture and a second level and it all it’s going to cost you is about $150,000. It’s not true. Renovation is a time-consuming process that you need architects, you need plans, and there’s a lot that goes into it besides just a quick drawing and all of a sudden you have this great product. It’s not a quick process it can take months to get these projects done so don’t go into these things thinking that you’re going to just buy your home do some renovation and be able to move in quickly.

A lot of things can come up in renovation and if costs can rise. So be very careful before getting into a home that needs renovation understand your cost and understand what you’re getting into.