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Why Houses Don’t Sell | Gibbons Team Real Estate

Why Houses Don’t Sell

Hi everybody thanks for watching. Our topic today is why houses don’t sell. And the number one reason a house does not sell is exposure. Not getting enough eyeballs of buyers on the property to generate the interest to get the house sold. It used to be that you just put a house on the market, you put it in the MLS, you put a sign out front and you just pray that someone came along and buy it. Now we have so many tools at our
fingertips to be able to market these homes to as many buyers as possible. So exposure is one of the main reasons that your house doesn’t sell.

The second reason a house does not sell is proper pricing. If you don’t have the house properly priced the people that can actually afford and want your home won’t see it. So if you list your house at $500,000 and it really should be worth $475,000 the right buyer for that house is not even seeing it. So pricing your home is extremely important whenever you put your house on the market.

And the third main reason that a house does not sell is accessibility. You want buyers to be able to get into your home when they want to see it. So limiting time to see your home two Sundays between 12:00 and 5:00 is not going to work. Buyers want to see the house on their schedule. So making it is extremely easy to get in will be a very important for you getting your house sold.

If you’re interested in finding out how we combat these problems and get houses sold very quickly for topdollar let us know. You can find us on social on Facebook and Instagram @GibbonsRealEstate or give us a call. We hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions let us know. And remember who you work with matters! Have a great day.

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